The fairy tale that came true...

My London Girl Shop Opening

Once upon a time, there were two little sisters who lived in the exciting city of London. They loved wearing fashionable clothes, dressing-up, horse-riding, ballet dancing, climbing trees, cycling, ice-skating, baking cakes, reading books and magazines, and holding tea parties. But, most of all, they loved playing with their beautiful dolls who would join in many of their activities - they would travel in their special carriers with the girls on holiday, and would sit in their pushchairs on shopping trips or in their very own bicycle seats for a ride in the park (with helmets of course). The dolls never missed a single one of the sisters' birthday parties, and would always wear their best pyjamas and eyeshades whenever there was a sleepover with friends.

The sisters often dreamt about how wonderful it would be if there was a special place in London, where little girls from all over the world could come and choose a doll who looked like them, and could find beautiful matching clothes and accessories for themselves and their new companion. Many years later, on September 7th 2011, their dream turned to reality when, together with their elder brother and their parents, they cut the pink ribbon and opened the very first boutique in the UK for dolls and girls.

So come and discover for yourself the fairy tale that came true at